The results are in!

We invited our users to vote for the products nominated by our judging panel, or to suggest their own. The results, as voted by our users are shown below. Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Magic Book of 2015

1st place: The Eighties Called ... They Want Their Magic Book Back! (30% of total votes)
2nd place: Blomberg Laboratories (29% of total votes)
3rd place: Classic Fantastic (16% of total votes)

Best Magic Download of 2015

1st place: Magic for the Shortsighted (28% of total votes)
2nd place: Torched and Restored (23% of total votes)
3rd place: Mirage Et Trois 2.0 (18% of total votes)

Best Magic DVD of 2015

1st place: Unreal (35% of total votes)
2nd place: Jermay's Mind (18% of total votes)
3rd place: Card Under Glass (17% of total votes)

Best Magic Trick of 2015

1st place: AmazeBox (31% of total votes)
2nd place: Pyro (30% of total votes)
3rd place: Cube 3 (25% of total votes)

Five winners of all these prizes:

Peter Worsham
Orlando Ferrer
Ray Crone
Ryan Huang
Liz Booth

Our judges and industry experts

Our judges worked tirelessly to select the top eight items from each category. They are:

Nicholas Einhorn

Nicholas is not only one of the UK's busiest professional magicians, but also one of the biggest selling magic creators of this decade.

Kyle Marlett

Kyle Marlett is Vanishing Inc. Magic's product director and all round creative guru. He has consulted on dozens of major TV shows.

Chris Ramsay

The face of Murphy's Magic's social media, Chris Ramsay, is also an excellent creator and is fast becoming a popular Instagrammer.

Rick Lax

From Penguin Magic, Rick Lax posts daily videos on Facebook, many of which receive over 1 million hits.

Xavier Spade

Founder, and master cameraman of Lost Art Magic Xavier Spade is part of New York's cutting edge magic scene.

How The Trickies works

How were the items picked?
Our judges were given four categories and asked to pick their favorite eight releases in each category from 2015. We then took the top voted items in each category so that public voting could begin.

The Trickies went live December 4th. What about the rest of the year?
Don't worry, dear astute reader: they'll be included in next year's Trickies.

How were the judges selected?
We picked judges from five different magic producers in order to remove any bias. Each year we will select a new judging panel.

What if I disagree with these picks?
The very nature of something like The Trickies is that it's quite possible that your favorite product isn't listed. But you can suggest your own item for each category and if that item gets more than ten votes, we'll add it to the main page.

How often can I vote?
You can only vote once per category. If you vote a second time, your previous vote will be overridden.

When will the winners be announced?
We'll announce the winners on January 2nd 2016. We'll probably all still be hung over from New Year's Day, but that's part of the fun.

Who produced The Trickies?
The idea was conceived by the Vanishing Inc. team as a fun way to end the year. But we selected a wide range of judges to keep things impartial. If our products appear as part of the awards (and we hope they do!), they have been selected by the judges and not us.